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Characterizing Geoinformation Education

What is EduMapping?
EduMapping is the act of linking teaching content to subjects mentioned in the description of a knowledge domain, in this case the Geoinformation Science & Technology Body of Knowledge (GI S&T Body of Knowledge 2006 © UCGIS, AAG).

EduMapping results in a label , showing an overview of:
- which % of the studyload (in ECTS) of a course or curriculum is spent to subjects that are part of the knowledge domain;
-how the studyload for a course or curriculum is distributed across subjects in the knowledge domain.

The work done on this subject was done in the context of the AGILE EduMapping Initiative (2010-2014)

Related Developments:
GTCM: Geospatial Technology Competency Model
               URISA Journal article 2010 no.2: p55-72

LinkedIn group EduMapping GI Teaching
Papers & presentations

GI-N2K website: Project website 2013-2016 .
GI-N2K report: GI-N2K Supply Survey Results. Rip, Lammeren, Bergsma
GI-N2K report: Analysis of Demand vs. Supply. Rip, Wallentin, Lammeren
EUGISES 2014 Cork, Ireland: GI-N2K related presentations: Md Imran Hossain., Rip.

2013: No publications.

EUGISES seminar Leuven: "GIS Education: Where are the boundaries?"
- papers Rip + Verbree, Johnson, Hossain + Reinhardt: All papers
- presentations: Rip
AGILE conf. Avignon, Preconf. workshop "Views on the Body of Knowledge":
- position papers: Ahearn , Anand , Blaschke , Kraak , Reinhardt
- presentations: Rip, Kraak, Crompvoets, Reinhardt
AGILE EduMapping Initiative progress report

LeGIO Workshop Leuven - complete proceedings
- papers Rip (Keynote), De Bakker, Reinhardt
- presentations Rip, De Bakker, Reinhardt
AGILE conference Utrecht:
- peer reviewed paper Rip, Grinias & Kotzinos (p443-459) (Book Chapter),
- Paper presentation by Kotzinos (in colour, in English)
- preconference workshop report for AGILE Newsletter
- preconference workshop presentations: De Bakker, Painho, Rip
SAGEO workshop Hogeschool Utrecht (short note, in Dutch); pres.(in Dutch)
TUDelft Geomatics presentation (PDF, in Dutch)

AGILE Newsletter: workshop report, p.4 - September 2010 issue
EUGISES seminar Serres : presentation Kotzinos, presentation Rip
INSPIRE conference Krakow : poster (small version)
ISPRS conference Enschede : peer reviewed paper Rip & Van Lammeren
AGILE conference Guimar„es : workshop presentation Masik , pres. Rip

AGILE Newsletter: workshop report, p.8
AGILE conference Hannover, workshop presentations: Van Orshoven, Painho - 5min movie, Painho paper, Rip

AGILE conference Girona : poster (screenshot), paper

Knowledge domain: Geoinformation
Core: Land surveying, Remote Sensing, Data Analysis, Cartography
Domain description:
The Geographic Information Science & Technology Body of Knowledge book(March 2006), also referred to as BoK1
- Overview of subjects: Knowledge Areas and Units in BoK1 - Ideas for a next version of the Body of Knowledge: Skupin presentation UCGIS May 2013, IJGIS article Ahearn et Al. 2013 , Wilson UCGIS BoK2 report 2014
- The European project "Geoinformation - Need To Know" ( GI-N2K ), duration: Oct.2013 - Sept.2016: 25 countries involved. GI-N2K project website
Download the EduMapping Kit !

A simple Excel sheet is available to create EduMappings of your courses.
Together with instructions, it can be downloaded here.
Please send the resulting Excel files to for research purposes. Thank you!
PDF of the full 2006 Body of Knowledge now included!

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