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Santa Barbara Asphalt Road Spectral Library

Spectral libraries contain pure spectral samples of surfaces, including a wide range of materials over a continuous wavelength range with high spectral detail, and additional information and documentation about surface characteristics and the quality of the spectra (i.e. metadata). In February 2004 a ground spectra acquisition campaign was conducted in the area of Santa Barbara/Goleta, CA.

Ground spectra were acquired with an Analytical Spectral Devices (ASD) Full Range (FR) spectrometer (Analytical Spectral Devices, Boulder, CO, USA). The FR spectrometer samples a spectral range of 350-2400 nm. The instrument uses three detectors spanning the visible and near infrared (VNIR) and shortwave infrared (SWIR1 and SWIR2), with a spectral sampling interval of 1 nm. FR field spectrometer data are widely used and considered to provide accurate and high quality spectral measurements. All acquired targets were documented and integrated into a spectral library that is made available here. It should support remote sensing researchers, transportation scientist and others in their study of road surface conditions. The spectra library contains roads of various age and different condition and distresses. The PCI and structure index were derived from Roadware in-situ vehicle inspections in Dec. 2002. The spectra were preprocessed to apparent surface reflectance. No noise removal or any related modifications have been performed and every user of the library should consider that.

The access to the data and documentation is provided here.

by Martin Herold and Jon Schurke, NCRST, University of California Santa Barbara, June 2004

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