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Download of published spectra

The following links contain spectra and documentation of a subset of the Santa Barbara urban spectral library that has been published in the scientific literature. Please refer to the related publication as reference to use the spectral information. If you are not able to get the publications please contact the authors for reprints (e.g. Martin Herold: martin@geog.ucsb.edu).

Herold, M., Gardner, M. & D. A. Roberts 2003. Spectral Resolution Requirements for Mapping Urban Areas, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 41, 9, pp. 1907-1919.

>> Spectra of figure 2 / AVIRIS spectral library

Roberts, D. A. and M. Herold 2004. Imaging spectrometry of urban materials, in King, P., Ramsey, M.S. and G. Swayze, (eds.), Infrared Spectroscopy in Geochemistry, Exploration and Remote Sensing, Mineral Association of Canada, Short Course Series Volume 33, London, Ontario, pp. 155-181.

>> Spectra of figures 5 and 6

Herold, M., Roberts, D., Gardner, M. & P. Dennison 2004. Spectrometry for urban area remote sensing - Development and analysis of a spectral library from 350 to 2400 nm, Remote Sensing of Environment, 91, 3-4, 304-319.

>> Spectra of figures 2, 3, and 4

See some example spectra from the ASD and AVIRIS spectral library.

by Martin Herold, NCRST, University of California Santa Barbara, June 2004

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